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Samadhi Zendejas

Samadhi Zendejas Facts You May Don’t Know About This Actress

Mexican actress Samadhi Zendejas, also known as Samadhi, is a popular name among Latinos. She was first noticed when she was cast as Amaya in the 2006 film Atrevete a Soar. But that role wasn’t her first. She has since gone on to play several leading roles. In a recent interview, she talked about the importance of being true to herself and continuing her acting career.

Family and relationship

After her first role in Atrevete a Soar, Samadhi has been a fixture of the Philippine media. She is the daughter of Antonio Flores and Ana Villa and is older than brothers Adriano and Dassana Zendejas. Her brother, Adriano, is also a famous Argentine singer and songwriter. As the oldest of three siblings, Samadhi is very close with her sister and brother. Her relationship with Alejandro Speitzer has only gotten more attention in recent years. Nevertheless, she still maintains her innocence and continues to work hard.

In the past, the actress had a romantic relationship with Jorge Coch, the brother of Mexican television series actress Jesicca Coch. However, they split due to different reasons. After a breakup in 2010, Samadhi Zendejas was a single woman. She has a long list of relationships but hasn’t disclosed the names of the two. Currently, she is single and seems to be focusing on her career. She has a very busy schedule and wanted to focus on her new projects. She is unmarried till now and has a huge fan base in Mexico and the United States region. Her family is her main support system.

Film & TV Career

In addition to her work in television, Samadhi has appeared in a number of films. In Mujeres Asesinas, she played Manipuladora Marta. She has worked in several commercials and special appearances for various shows. In 2017, she starred in Mariposa de Barrio, alongside Alejandro Speizer and Lorena Meritano. Aside from her career, Samadhi Zendejas has also established herself as an artist and a model.

Samadhi Zendejas has been in the acting industry for a while now. She has appeared in several TV shows and commercials. Her first major role was in Atrevete a Soar, where she played a high school student named Amaya. In 2010, she won the Premio TVyNovelas Female Revelation Awards for her role in the film. In addition to this, she has starred in several other movies. She was in a relationship with Alejandro Speitzer when she started shooting the movie.

Social media life of Samadhi Zendejas

Samadhi is an actor with a large social media following. In the past year, she has gained more than four million followers on Instagram. Her social media pages are filled with daily posts, pictures and videos. She has also made numerous appearances on social media, including videos of her workouts and pictures of her family. Her relationship with her father is a testament to how close she is to her parents. As a result, Samadhi Zendeja’s fame has grown.


A Mexican actress, Samadhi Zendejas is 26 years old and has been famous for her role in the TV series Atrevete a Sonar. Despite being a young actress, Samadhi Zendeas has already established herself as a popular star in the world of entertainment. She has 4.5 million Instagram followers. So, what can we expect from Samadhi Zendejas? She’s one of the most prominent Mexican actresses. Her net worth is estimated at $20 million. Keep your eyes on our blog section for this kind of post.

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