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remove background from image

How To Remove Background From Image? Easy And Quickest Method

Remove background from image is crucial for the eCommerce business owners and professional photographers. You can transfer your pictures to the white background or any other formats according to your demand by doing this task. You have plenty of options to do that, but we will suggest you take a look at the following information about photo background removal.

Are you wondering how to remove the background from an image? You may don’t know that you can remove the background from a picture by using some photo editing software or applications. All you need is a program that can remove the surroundings from the image. So now you don’t have to worry about the unclear or inadequate background of your photo.

One of the most common options is Adobe PhotoShop. This application allows you to work with any type or sizes of pictures. You also can choose Adobe Illustrator. Both of these great programs almost do the same thing. If you want to see a little more customization, then you should go with some similar apps such as Lightbox Editing or VSCO.

All of these programs have features to select the most relevant elements in the image and edit them without having to make your image larger. Some photo editing applications can make your image more gorgeous, which had a dark and ugly background. You can use a good looking and professional image anywhere you want, such as for your website or your personal use.

The process of remove background from image

As we said earlier, there are different methods for background removal tasks. In the following section, we will describe the whole processing of image background removal. If you can repeat the steps below, your photo background can be sliced to get a fine-looking image. Also, you can replace it with an excellent subject and add some effects to enhance its look.

Step 1. At first, choose the desired photo that you want to remove the background. Then open the image file with Adobe Photoshop software.

Step2. You have to select your object carefully. So, navigate to the “Layers” option and click on the respective layer. Press the right-click button on the layer and click on the “Layer from Background” function.

Step 3. The previous selection will change the background to layer zero, making it editable, and then you can do all the necessary modifications. Locate the toolbox and choose the “Magic Eraser Tool” under the Eraser window.

Step 4. You need to synthesize some settings as required, like the “tolerance” menu. Usually, it is set to 20-30, tick mark the “Anti-alias” box and also the contiguous box. Don’t forget to check the opacity level and set it to 100%.

[Note:- It is suggested to select low tolerance as the original image doesn’t get changed much when you use this tool.]

Step 5. In this step, click on the background to remove any unwanted object. After that, you will see the image has now a transparent background.

Step 6. You should check the image when it’s complete for more adjustments by zooming in to make minor changes. The reason behind it, sometimes the whole background doesn’t get deleted in the first attempt. So you can check it before saving it.

Step 7. You need to found the lasso toolbox and pick the lasso tool to sketch out a rough outline around the photo. Next, press in combination with the Ctrl+Shift+J keys and try to create a new layer by clicking on the “New Layer via Cut” menu.

Step 8. In the end, you have to save the new image file.


To properly remove background from image, you should use a tip-top software that is easy to use. Also, try to choose a program that has the same capability as a professional one does. Keep in mind that when your image has a good looking white or transparent background, it can create a high impact.

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